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Talks, tutorials and publications

Public NUISANCE talks or papers are posted in the list below.


  • NUISANCE container, with NUISANCE, GENIE, NuWro and NEUT, NuInt 2024 workshop, April 2024 (Slides)
  • NUISANCE flat trees, NuInt 2024 workshop, April 2024 (Slides)
  • How to flat-tree with NUISANCE, Pittsburgh Tensions Workshop, Summer 2019 (Slides)
  • NUISANCE Tutorial Comparing Generators, MINERvA meeting, Summer 2017, Fermilab (Slides)
  • NUISANCE tutorial, T2K Pre NuInt 2017 Workshop (Slides)
  • NUISANCE and you, State of the Nution (NuInt) 2017 Workshop (Slides)
  • Extracting Neutrino Cross-Sections, NuSTEC 2017, Fermilab (Slides)


  • NUISANCE and global neutrino interaction tuning, NuInt 2024 (Slides)
  • NUISANCE and you, Workshop on Neutrino Event Generators, and NuInt 2022 (Slides, slides)
  • NUISANCE, NNN 2019 (Slides)
  • FNAL Neutrino Seminar, 2019 (Slides)
  • Impact of Resonance Modeling on Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering Measurements, NuSTEC Workshop on Pion Production, Summer 2019 (Slides)
  • Tuning the GENIE interaction model to MINERvA data, Pittsburgh Tensions Workshop, Summer 2019 (Slides)
  • Generator Benchmarks: What a NUISANCE, NuFact 2019 (Slides)
  • Neutrino Cross-Section Fits: What a NUISANCE, NuFact 2018 (Slides)
  • Using Neutrino Data Releases NUISANCE Experiences, Fermilab, Summer 2017 (Slides)
  • NUISANCE-MINERvA Generator Tuning, MINERvA Collaboration Meeting (Slides)
  • NUISANCE, NuInt 2017 (Slides)
  • NUISANCE, UK Institute of Physics (IP) Joint APP and HEPP Annual Conference 2017 (Slides)
  • A bit of a NUISANCE: constraining neutrino cross-section systematics, Wroclaw NuWro workshop, April 2017 (Slides)
  • A bit of a NUISANCE: constraining neutrino cross section systematics, FNAL Seminar, December 2016 (Slides)
  • Monte-Carlo Event Generators vs Neutrino Cross-Section Data, NuFact 2016 (Slides)
  • CC0pi/CC-inclusive Data Comparisons, NuTune 2016 (Slides)
  • Single pion cross-sections in NEUT, NuTune 2016 (Slides)
  • Tuning generators to the global neutrino cross-section dataset, PhyStat-nu 2016 (Slides, missing)
  • Combining current and historical cross section data, PhyStat-nu 2016 (Slides, missing)


  • A substandard candle: the low-ν method at few-GeV neutrino energies, Eur.Phys.J.C 82 (2022) 9, 808 (arxiv)
  • Comparisons and challenges of modern neutrino-scattering experiments, Phys.Rev.D 105 (2022) 9, 092004 (arxiv)
  • Tuning the GENIE Pion Production Model with MINERvA Data, Phys. Rev. D 100, 072005 (2019) (arxiv)
  • Comparisons and challenges of modern neutrino scattering experiments (TENSIONS2016 report), Physics Reports Volumes 773–774, 20 November 2018, Pages 1-28 (arxiv)
  • NUISANCE: a neutrino cross-section generator tuning and comparison framework, JINST 12 P01016 (arxiv)


  • Event reweighting with the NuWro neutrino interaction generator, Neutrino 2016 (Proceedings)
  • NEUT/NuWro cross-section modelling at low three-momentum transfer, Neutrino 2016 (Proceedings)
  • Neutrino 2016, Resonance Tuning, Imperial College London
  • Neutrino Monte-Carlo Event Generators and Cross-Section Data, NUFACT 2016 (Proceedings)