nuisance is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham


Public NUISANCE talks or papers are posted in the list below.


  • MINERvA tutorial, Summer 2017, Fermilab (Slides)
  • T2K Pre NuInt 2017 Workshop, University of Toronto (Slides)
  • State of the Nution (NuInt) 2017 Workshop, University of Toronto (Slides)
  • NuSTEC 2017, Fermilab (Slides)


  • NuFact 2016, Monte Carlo Generator Tuning, Quy Nhon, Vietnam (Slides) (Proceedings)
  • NuTune 2016, CC0pi tuning, University of Liverpool (Slides)
  • NuTune 2016, CC1pi tuning, University of Liverpool (Slides)
  • PhyStat-nu 2016, IPMU Tokyo, Tuning Generators to the Global Neutrino Cross-Section Dataset (Slides)
  • PhyStat-nu 2016, IPMU Tokyo, Combining Current and Historical Cross Section Data (Slides)
  • MINERvA Collaboration Meeting, NUISANCE Review (Slides)
  • DUNE Near Detector Meeting, NUISANCE Review (Slides)
  • NUISANCE Spline Update (Slides)
  • UK Institute of Physics (IOP) Joint APP and HEPP Annual Conference, Sheffield 2017 (Slides)
  • NuInt 2017, University of Toronto (Slides)
  • Data Release Experiences in NUISANCE, Fermilab, Summer 2017 (Slides)
  • NuFact 2018, Virginia Tech (Slides)


  • Neutrino 2016, NuWro ReWeighting, Imperial College London (Proceedings)
  • Neutrino 2016, MINERvA Low Recoil, Imperial College London (Proceedings)
  • Neutrino 2016, Resonance Tuning, Imperial College London, (Proceedings)
  • NUFACT 2016, Neutrino Monte-Carlo Event Generators and Cross-Section Data (Proceedings)