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What NUISANCE does

NUISANCE unifies neutrino interaction generators to a common format. With this common format, it extracts event information and cross-sections for generator-to-generator and generator-to-data comparisons.

It supports studying systematics via event reweighting for GENIE, NEUT and NuWro, and some experiment specific tunes, e.g. NOvAReWeight, T2KReWeight and MINERvA tunes. You can make error bands versus data, error bands of one generator versus another generator, and parameter fitting against generated or real data, amongst other features

What NUISANCE doesn't do

NUISANCE does not protect you from bad physics.

With NUISANCE you are perfectly able to fit the binding energy of a relativistic Fermi gas to corrected MiniBooNE data without covariance matrices. You can simultaneously fit this to MINERvA data with different model dependencies and a covariance matrix. Generally this would be considered bad physics.

Physics safely by contacting generator experts, data analysers and us if you have questions!


HTML Tutorials:

Using GENIE ReWeight
Applying the MINERvA tune
NUISANCE interaction mode enumeration
Making data comparisons with nuiscomp
Fitting to data with nuismin
Using NUISANCE flat trees

Workshop Tutorials:

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