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Experiment List

The following table lists all data/MC comparisons currently implemented in NUISANCE. To generate raw events that are applicable for each sample you should generate with the specified beam, target, and flux distributions shown.

If events are generated with all interaction modes on, they can be re-used for any sample that has the same beam/target/flux combination also shown in this table.

A recent example of sample strings available is given here: *attachment:fulllist.card

You can find the full list in the source code by inspecting src/FCN/SampleList.cxx.

Sample ID Beam Flux Target Notes
ANL_CCQE_XSec_1DEnu_nu numu flux D2 comment
ANL_CCQE_XSec_1DEnu_nu_PRL31 numu flux D2 comment
ANL_CCQE_XSec_1DEnu_nu_PRD16 numu flux D2 comment
ANL_CCQE_Evt_1DQ2_nu numu flux D2 comment
ANL_CCQE_Evt_1DQ2_nu_PRL31 numu flux D2 comment
ANL_CCQE_Evt_1DQ2_nu_PRD16 numu flux D2 comment
ANL_CC1ppip_XSec_1DEnu_nu numu flux D2 comment
ANL_CC1ppip_XSec_1DQ2_nu numu flux D2 comment
ANL_CC1ppip_Evt_1DQ2_nu numu flux D2 comment
ANL_CC1ppip_Evt_1Dppi_nu numu flux D2 comment
ANL_CC1ppip_Evt_1Dthpr_nu numu flux D2 comment
ANL_CC1ppip_Evt_1DcosmuStar_nu numu flux D2 comment
ANL_CC1ppip_Evt_1DcosthAdler_nu numu flux D2 comment
ANL_CC1ppip_Evt_1Dphi_nu numu flux D2 comment
ANL_CC1npip_XSec_1DEnu_nu numu flux D2 comment
ANL_CC1npip_Evt_1DQ2_nu numu flux D2 comment
ANL_CC1npip_Evt_1Dppi_nu numu flux D2 comment
ANL_CC1npip_Evt_1DcosmuStar_nu numu flux D2 comment
ANL_CC1pi0_XSec_1DEnu_nu numu flux D2 comment
ANL_CC1pi0_Evt_1DQ2_nu numu flux D2 comment
ANL_CC1pi0_Evt_1DcosmuStar_nu numu flux D2 comment
ANL_NC1npip_Evt_1Dppi_nu numu flux D2 comment
ANL_NC1ppim_XSec_1DEnu_nu numu flux D2 comment
ANL_NC1ppim_Evt_1DcosmuStar_nu numu flux D2 comment
ANL_CC2pi_1pim1pip_XSec_1DEnu_nu numu flux D2 comment
ANL_CC2pi_1pim1pip_Evt_1Dpmu_nu numu flux D2 comment
ANL_CC2pi_1pim1pip_Evt_1Dppip_nu numu flux D2 comment
ANL_CC2pi_1pim1pip_Evt_1Dppim_nu numu flux D2 comment
ANL_CC2pi_1pim1pip_Evt_1Dpprot_nu numu flux D2 comment
ANL_CC2pi_1pip1pip_XSec_1DEnu_nu numu flux D2 comment
ANL_CC2pi_1pip1pip_Evt_1Dpmu_nu numu flux D2 comment
ANL_CC2pi_1pip1pip_Evt_1Dpneut_nu numu flux D2 comment
ANL_CC2pi_1pip1pip_Evt_1DppipHigh_nu numu flux D2 comment
ANL_CC2pi_1pip1pip_Evt_1DppipLow_nu numu flux D2 comment
ANL_CC2pi_1pip1pi0_XSec_1DEnu_nu numu flux D2 comment
ANL_CC2pi_1pip1pi0_Evt_1Dpmu_nu numu flux D2 comment
ANL_CC2pi_1pip1pi0_Evt_1Dppip_nu numu flux D2 comment
ANL_CC2pi_1pip1pi0_Evt_1Dppi0_nu numu flux D2 comment
ANL_CC2pi_1pip1pi0_Evt_1Dpprot_nu numu flux D2 comment
ArgoNeuT_CCInc_XSec_1Dpmu_antinu beam flux target comment
ArgoNeuT_CCInc_XSec_1Dpmu_nu beam flux target comment
ArgoNeuT_CCInc_XSec_1Dthetamu_antinu beam flux target comment
ArgoNeuT_CCInc_XSec_1Dthetamu_nu beam flux target comment
BNL_CCQE_XSec_1DEnu_nu numu flux D2 comment
BNL_CCQE_Evt_1DQ2_nu numu flux D2 comment
BNL_CC1ppip_XSec_1DEnu_nu numu flux D2 comment
BNL_CC1ppip_Evt_1DQ2_nu numu flux D2 comment
BNL_CC1ppip_Evt_1DcosthAdler_nu numu flux D2 comment
BNL_CC1ppip_Evt_1Dphi_nu numu flux D2 comment
BNL_CC1npip_XSec_1DEnu_nu numu flux D2 comment
BNL_CC1npip_Evt_1DQ2_nu numu flux D2 comment
BNL_CC1pi0_XSec_1DEnu_nu numu flux D2 comment
BNL_CC1pi0_Evt_1DQ2_nu numu flux D2 comment
FNAL_CCQE_Evt_1DQ2_nu numu flux D2 comment
FNAL_CC1ppip_XSec_1DEnu_nu numu flux D2 comment
FNAL_CC1ppip_XSec_1DQ2_nu numu flux D2 comment
FNAL_CC1ppip_Evt_1DQ2_nu numu flux D2 comment
FNAL_CC1ppim_XSec_1DEnu_antinu numubar flux D2 comment
BEBC_CCQE_XSec_1DQ2_nu numu flux D2 comment
BEBC_CC1ppip_XSec_1DEnu_nu numu flux D2 comment
BEBC_CC1ppip_XSec_1DQ2_nu numu flux D2 comment
BEBC_CC1npip_XSec_1DEnu_nu numu flux D2 comment
BEBC_CC1npip_XSec_1DQ2_nu numu flux D2 comment
BEBC_CC1pi0_XSec_1DEnu_nu numu flux D2 comment
BEBC_CC1pi0_XSec_1DQ2_nu numu flux D2 comment
BEBC_CC1npim_XSec_1DEnu_antinu numubar flux D2 comment
BEBC_CC1npim_XSec_1DQ2_antinu numubar flux D2 comment
BEBC_CC1ppim_XSec_1DEnu_antinu numubar flux D2 comment
BEBC_CC1ppim_XSec_1DQ2_antinu numubar flux D2 comment
GGM_CC1ppip_XSec_1DEnu_nu numu flux target comment
GGM_CC1ppip_Evt_1DQ2_nu numu flux target comment
MiniBooNE_CCQE_XSec_1DQ2_nu numu flux CH2.08 comment
MiniBooNE_CCQELike_XSec_1DQ2_nu numu+numubar flux CH2.08 comment
MiniBooNE_CCQE_XSec_1DQ2_antinu numubar flux CH2.08 comment
MiniBooNE_CCQELike_XSec_1DQ2_antinu numu+numubar flux CH2.08 comment
MiniBooNE_CCQE_XSec_2DTcos_nu numu flux CH2.08 comment
MiniBooNE_CCQELike_XSec_2DTcos_nu numu+numubar flux CH2.08 comment
MiniBooNE_CCQE_XSec_2DTcos_antinu numubar flux CH2.08 comment
MiniBooNE_CCQELike_XSec_2DTcos_antinu numu+numubar flux CH2.08 comment
MiniBooNE_CC1pip_XSec_1DEnu_nu numu flux CH2.08 comment
MiniBooNE_CC1pip_XSec_1DQ2_nu numu flux CH2.08 comment
MiniBooNE_CC1pip_XSec_1DTpi_nu numu flux CH2.08 comment
MiniBooNE_CC1pip_XSec_1DTu_nu numu flux CH2.08 comment
MiniBooNE_CC1pip_XSec_2DQ2Enu_nu numu flux CH2.08 comment
MiniBooNE_CC1pip_XSec_2DTpiCospi_nu numu flux CH2.08 comment
MiniBooNE_CC1pip_XSec_2DTpiEnu_nu numu flux CH2.08 comment
MiniBooNE_CC1pip_XSec_2DTuCosmu_nu numu flux CH2.08 comment
MiniBooNE_CC1pip_XSec_2DTuEnu_nu numu flux CH2.08 comment
MiniBooNE_CC1pi0_XSec_1DEnu_nu numu flux CH2.08 comment
MiniBooNE_CC1pi0_XSec_1DQ2_nu numu flux CH2.08 comment
MiniBooNE_CC1pi0_XSec_1DTu_nu numu flux CH2.08 comment
MiniBooNE_CC1pi0_XSec_1Dcosmu_nu numu flux CH2.08 comment
MiniBooNE_CC1pi0_XSec_1Dcospi0_nu numu flux CH2.08 comment
MiniBooNE_CC1pi0_XSec_1Dppi0_nu numu flux CH2.08 comment
MiniBooNE_NCEL_XSec_Treco_nu beam flux CH2.08 comment
MINERvA_CCQE_XSec_1DQ2_nu numu flux CH comment
MINERvA_CCQE_XSec_1DQ2_nu_20deg numu flux CH comment
MINERvA_CCQE_XSec_1DQ2_nu_oldflux numu flux CH comment
MINERvA_CCQE_XSec_1DQ2_nu_20deg_oldflux numu flux CH comment
MINERvA_CCQE_XSec_1DQ2_antinu numubar flux CH comment
MINERvA_CCQE_XSec_1DQ2_antinu_20deg numubar flux CH comment
MINERvA_CCQE_XSec_1DQ2_antinu_oldflux numubar flux CH comment
MINERvA_CCQE_XSec_1DQ2_antinu_20deg_oldflux numubar flux CH comment
MINERvA_CCQE_XSec_1DQ2_joint_oldflux --- flux CH comment
MINERvA_CCQE_XSec_1DQ2_joint_20deg_oldflux --- flux CH comment
MINERvA_CCQE_XSec_1DQ2_joint --- flux CH comment
MINERvA_CCQE_XSec_1DQ2_joint_20deg --- flux CH comment
MINERvA_CC0pi_XSec_1DEe_nue nue+nuebar flux CH comment
MINERvA_CC0pi_XSec_1DQ2_nue nue+nuebar flux CH comment
MINERvA_CC0pi_XSec_1DThetae_nue nue+nuebar flux CH comment
MINERvA_CC0pi_XSec_1DQ2_nu_proton numu flux CH comment
MINERvA_CC1pip_XSec_1DTpi_20deg_nu numu flux CH comment
MINERvA_CC1pip_XSec_1DTpi_nu numu flux CH comment
MINERvA_CC1pip_XSec_1Dth_20deg_nu numu flux CH comment
MINERvA_CC1pip_XSec_1Dth_nu numu flux CH comment
MINERvA_CCNpip_XSec_1Dth_nu numu flux CH comment
MINERvA_CCNpip_XSec_1Dth_nu_2016 numu flux CH comment
MINERvA_CCNpip_XSec_1Dth_nu_2015 numu flux CH comment
MINERvA_CCNpip_XSec_1Dth_20deg_nu numu flux CH comment
MINERvA_CCNpip_XSec_1Dth_20deg_nu_2015 numu flux CH comment
MINERvA_CCNpip_XSec_1DTpi_nu numu flux CH comment
MINERvA_CCNpip_XSec_1DTpi_nu_2016 numu flux CH comment
MINERvA_CCNpip_XSec_1DTpi_nu_2015 numu flux CH comment
MINERvA_CCNpip_XSec_1DTpi_20deg_nu numu flux CH comment
MINERvA_CCNpip_XSec_1DTpi_20deg_nu_2015 numu flux CH comment
MINERvA_CCNpip_XSec_1Dthmu_nu numu flux CH comment
MINERvA_CCNpip_XSec_1Dthmu_nu_2016 numu flux CH comment
MINERvA_CCNpip_XSec_1Dpmu_nu numu flux CH comment
MINERvA_CCNpip_XSec_1Dpmu_nu_2016 numu flux CH comment
MINERvA_CCNpip_XSec_1DQ2_nu numu flux CH comment
MINERvA_CCNpip_XSec_1DQ2_nu_2016 numu flux CH comment
MINERvA_CCNpip_XSec_1DEnu_nu numu flux CH comment
MINERvA_CCNpip_XSec_1DEnu_nu_2016 numu flux CH comment
MINERvA_CC1pi0_XSec_1Dth_antinu numubar flux CH comment
MINERvA_CC1pi0_XSec_1Dth_antinu_2016 numubar flux CH comment
MINERvA_CC1pi0_XSec_1Dth_antinu_2015 numubar flux CH comment
MINERvA_CC1pi0_XSec_1Dppi0_antinu numubar flux CH comment
MINERvA_CC1pi0_XSec_1Dppi0_antinu_2016 numubar flux CH comment
MINERvA_CC1pi0_XSec_1Dppi0_antinu_2015 numubar flux CH comment
MINERvA_CC1pi0_XSec_1DQ2_antinu numubar flux CH comment
MINERvA_CC1pi0_XSec_1DQ2_antinu_2016 numubar flux CH comment
MINERvA_CC1pi0_XSec_1Dthmu_antinu numubar flux CH comment
MINERvA_CC1pi0_XSec_1Dthmu_antinu_2016 numubar flux CH comment
MINERvA_CC1pi0_XSec_1Dpmu_antinu numubar flux CH comment
MINERvA_CC1pi0_XSec_1Dpmu_antinu_2016 numubar flux CH comment
MINERvA_CC1pi0_XSec_1DEnu_antinu numubar flux CH comment
MINERvA_CC1pi0_XSec_1DEnu_antinu_2016 numubar flux CH comment
MINERvA_CCinc_XSec_2DEavq3_nu numu flux CH comment
MINERvA_CCinc_XSec_1Dx_ratio_C12_CH numu flux CH comment
MINERvA_CCinc_XSec_1Dx_ratio_Fe56_CH numu flux CH comment
MINERvA_CCinc_XSec_1Dx_ratio_Pb208_CH numu flux CH comment
MINERvA_CCinc_XSec_1DEnu_ratio_C12_CH numu flux CH comment
MINERvA_CCinc_XSec_1DEnu_ratio_Fe56_CH numu flux CH comment
MINERvA_CCinc_XSec_1DEnu_ratio_Pb208_CH numu flux CH comment
T2K_CC0pi_XSec_2DPcos_nu numu flux CH comment
T2K_CC0pi_XSec_2DPcos_nu_I numu flux CH comment
T2K_CC0pi_XSec_2DPcos_nu_II numu flux CH comment
T2K_CC1pip_CH_XSec_1Dpmu_nu numu flux CH comment
T2K_CC1pip_CH_XSec_1Dppi_nu numu flux CH comment
T2K_CC1pip_CH_XSec_1DQ2_nu numu flux CH comment
T2K_CC1pip_CH_XSec_1Dq3_nu numu flux CH comment
T2K_CC1pip_CH_XSec_1Dthmupi_nu numu flux CH comment
T2K_CC1pip_CH_XSec_1Dthpi_nu numu flux CH comment
T2K_CC1pip_CH_XSec_1Dthq3pi_nu numu flux CH comment
T2K_CC1pip_CH_XSec_1DWrec_nu numu flux CH comment
T2K_CC0pinp_STV_XSec_1Ddpt_nu numu flux CH comment
K2K_NC1pi0_Evt_1Dppi0_nu beam flux H20 comment
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