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A brief review of the uses of NUISANCE can be found on JINST and arXiv. This paper should be cited whenever using NUISANCE.

NUISANCE: a neutrino cross-section generator tuning and comparison framework

P. Stowell, C. Wret, C. Wilkinson, L. Pickering, S. Cartwright, Y. Hayato, K. Mahn, K.S. McFarland, J. Sobczyk, R. Terri, L. Thompson, M.O. Wascko, Y. Uchida

NUISANCE is an open source C++ framework which facilitates detailed studies of neutrino interaction cross-section models implemented in Monte Carlo neutrino event generators. It provides a host of automated methods to perform comparisons of multiple generators to published cross-section measurements and each other. External reweighting libraries are used to allow the end-user to evaluate the impact of model parameters variations in the generators with data, or to tune the generator predictions to arbitrary dataset combinations. The design is modular and focusses on ease-of-use to allow new datasets and more generators to be added without requiring detailed understanding of the entire NUISANCE package. We discuss the motivation for the NUISANCE framework and suggested usage cases, alongside a description of its core structure.

Look in the wiki examples section to find example NUISANCE configurations that were used to generate every plot within the NUISANCE paper.