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Tasks for Winter 2016 paper:

Generating events

Luke: GiBUU

Patrick: NuWro

Callum: GENIE

Clarence: NEUT trunk

All events generated for the Winter2016 comparisons can be found in two locations:

Google Drive

Box Imperial

Details of generating

Number of events: 2.5 Million Inclusive

Models: One model for each generator

GiBUU : LFG + Christie 2p2h. MAID Resonant pion production, 1pi+pi-bkg tuned to ANL. Pythia6 DIS.

NuWro : (1) Local Fermi Gas + Nieves 2p2h + Rel. RPA, Rein-Seghal Pion Production.


NEUT : (1) RFG + 2p2h + rel RPA, Berger-Sehgal coherent, Christophe's fixes. Nominal generated -> reweight MA

Fluxes to Generate

The flux files tarball can be found here.

ID Target Flux File Flux Histograms(PDG Code) Notes
ANL D2 fhc numu D2 ANL_1977_2horn_rescan.root numu_flux(14)
ARGONEUT Ar40 fhc numu Ar40 ArgoNeut_numu_flux.root 'numu'(14)
ARGONEUT Ar40 rhc numub Ar40 ArgoNeut_numuv_flux.root 'numub'(-14)
BNL D2 fhc numu D2 BNL_NuInt02_rescan.root 'numu_flux'(14)
FNAL D2 fhc numu D2 FNAL_CCinc_1982_nu_MCadj.root 'numu_flux'(14)
FNAL D2 rhc numub D2 FNAL_coh_1993_anu.root 'numu_flux'(-14)
BEBC D2 fhc numu D2 BEBC_Wachsmuth_numu_table.root 'numu_flux'(14)
BEBC D2 rhc numub D2 BEBC_Wachsmuth_numubar_table.root 'numu_flux'(-14)
GGM D2 fhc numu D2 GGM_nu_flux_1979_rescan 'numu_flux'(14)
MB CH2 fhc numu CH2 miniboone_flux_fhc.root 'numu_mb'(14),'numub_mb'(-14) CAUTION: Combined beam
MB CH2 rhc numub CH2 miniboone_flux_rhc.root 'mb_rhc_numub'(-14), 'mb_rhc_numu'(14) CAUTION: Combined beam
MINERvA CH fhc numu CH minerva_flux.root 'numu_fhc'(14)
MINERvA CH rhc numub CH minerva_flux.root 'numubar_fhc'(-14)
MINERvA CH fhc nue CH minerva_flux.root 'nue_fhc'(12),'nuebar_fhc'(-12) CAUTION: Combined beam
MINERvA Fe fhc numu Fe minerva_flux.root 'numu_fhc'(14)
MINERvA Pb fhc numu Pb minerva_flux.root 'numu_fhc'(14)
T2K CH fhc numu CH t2kflux_2016_plus250kA.root 'enu_nd280_numu'(14)
T2K CH rhc numub CH t2kflux_2016_minus250kA.root 'enu_nd280_numub'(-14)
T2K H2O fhc numu H2O t2kflux_2016_plus250kA.root 'enu_nd280_numu'(14) Lower priority
T2K H2O rhc numub H2O t2kflux_2016_minus250kA.root 'enu_nd280_numub'(-14) Lower priority
T2K Zn fhc numu Zn t2kflux_2016_plus250kA.root 'enu_nd280_numu'(14) Lower priority
T2K Zn rhc numub Zn t2kflux_2016_minus250kA.root 'enu_nd280_numub'(-14) Lower priority
T2K Cu fhc numu Cu t2kflux_2016_plus250kA.root 'enu_nd280_numu'(14) Lower priority
T2K Cu rhc numub Cu t2kflux_2016_minus250kA.root 'enu_nd280_numub'(-14) Lower priority
T2K CH fhc nue CH t2kflux_2016_plus250kA.root 'enu_nd280_nue'(12) Lower priority
K2K H20 fhc numu H20 K2K_flux.root 'numu_flux'(14)
DUNE H fhc numu H CDR_FHC_ND_flux_scaled.root 'numu_flux'(14) Free proton, Lower priority
DUNE H rhc numu H CDR_RHC_ND_flux_scaled.root 'numubar_flux'(-14) Free proton, Lower priority
DUNE D fhc numu D CDR_FHC_ND_flux_scaled.root 'numu_flux'(14) Lower priority
DUNE D rhc numu D CDR_RHC_ND_flux_scaled.root 'numubar_flux'(-14) Lower priority
DUNE He3 fhc numu He3 CDR_FHC_ND_flux_scaled.root 'numu_flux'(14) Lower priority
DUNE He3 rhc numu He3 CDR_RHC_ND_flux_scaled.root 'numubar_flux'(-14) Lower priority
DUNE He4 fhc numu He4 CDR_FHC_ND_flux_scaled.root 'numu_flux'(14) Lower priority
DUNE He4 rhc numu He4 CDR_RHC_ND_flux_scaled.root 'numubar_flux'(-14) Lower priority
DUNE C fhc numu C CDR_FHC_ND_flux_scaled.root 'numu_flux'(14) Lower priority
DUNE C rhc numu C CDR_RHC_ND_flux_scaled.root 'numubar_flux'(-14) Lower priority
DUNE O fhc numu O CDR_FHC_ND_flux_scaled.root 'numu_flux'(14) Lower priority
DUNE O rhc numu O CDR_RHC_ND_flux_scaled.root 'numubar_flux'(-14) Lower priority
DUNE Ar fhc numu Ar CDR_FHC_ND_flux_scaled.root 'numu_flux'(14) Lower priority
DUNE Ar rhc numu Ar CDR_RHC_ND_flux_scaled.root 'numubar_flux'(-14) Lower priority
DUNE Ca fhc numu Ca CDR_FHC_ND_flux_scaled.root 'numu_flux'(14) Lower priority
DUNE Ca rhc numu Ca CDR_RHC_ND_flux_scaled.root 'numubar_flux'(-14) Lower priority

Which experiments to plot?

Current list/status of all samples in NUISANCE: attachment:allsamples.card

Bubble chambers

Nuclear experiments

Flux Page

Sample Page

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