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The NUISANCE minimizer application can be used to tune MC models by directly comparing with published scattering data and using ROOT's minimizer libraries to find a best fit parameter set.

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    1. Running NUISMIN
    2. Running a fake data fit
    3. Running a 1D likelihood scan
    4. Running a 2D likelihood scan
    5. Running a Contour Scan
    6. Generating Post-fit Error Bands


Author: Patrick Stowell

Date: June 2017

Versions: NUISANCE v2r0, GENIE 2.12.6

The following example details how to run NUISANCE and tune a simple model to MiniBooNE_CCQE_XSec_1DQ2_nu data, with additional examples on how to include penalty terms and perform fake data fits.

Each generator requires very slightly different ways to handle NUISANCE, therefore multiple versions of this tutorial have been provided. Please use the following links to choose what generator you would like to use.

Running a fake data fit

Running a 1D likelihood scan

Running a 2D likelihood scan

Running a Contour Scan

Generating Post-fit Error Bands

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