nuisance is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham

Tutorial Events

The NUISANCE tutorial requires a few different MC events samples to be generated with NuWro and GENIE.

To save time and avoid having to generate these yourself some pregenerated samples are provided at the link below. Example generation scripts are also included as examples for those who want to learn how to generate their own MC samples.

Hyperlink: Here

On a command line you can run the following commands to download and extract the necessary files.

wget tar -zxvf tutorial_events.tar.gz\?dl\=0 cd tutorial_events

The samples contained in the tar-ball are "NUISANCE-ready" which means they can be passed directly into NUISANCE as they are, so that the following commands will all run fine.

nuisflat -i GENIE:gntp.Default.MiniBooNE_fhc_numu.CH2.500000.ghep.root -o genie.Default.MB.flat.root -f GenericFlux
nuisflat -i GENIE:gntp.DefaultPlusValenciaMEC.MINERvA_fhc_numu.CH.500000.ghep.root -o genie.DefaultPlusValenciaMEC.MINERvA.flat.root -f GenericFlux
nuisflat -i NUWRO:nuwrogen.LocalFGNievesQEMEC.MINERvA_fhc_numu.CH.500000.nuwroev.root -o nuwro.LocalFG.MINERvA.flat.root -f GenericFlux