nuisance is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham

Setting up the NUISANCE Virtual Box

The NUISANCE Virtual Box is a self contained disk image that has everything you need to run NUISANCE with GENIE and NuWro comparisons. This is the recommended way to run NUISANCE for new users on mac or windows who are not familiar with docker.

The following notes show how to load the virtual disk image when using VirtualBox on a Mac, but the procedure should be the same for all machines.

Using VirtualBox to load the NUISANCE disk image and process MC files will require ~5-8GB of available hard drive space.

1. Install VirtualBox
Install the VirtualBox for OS X application by downloading it from the following link:
Note you will need root permissions to install this.

2. Download the NUISANCEMC Virtual Disk Image
The NUISANCEMC virtual disk image can be downloaded from the following link. Note it is provided as a compressed tar.gz file which you will need to decompress before continuing.

It can also be obtained by running the command:
tar -zxvf NUISANCEMC-nuisance.vdi.tar.gz?dl=0

2. Open VirtualBox
Once you have VirtualBox setup in your applications folder open the application you can open it. You should see something similar to the following screen.

3. Create the NUISANCE Guest OS

Click New to open a New Guest OS dialog box

If you are not already in Expert Mode, click the “Expert Mode” button to change it now

Now insert “NUISANCEMC” as the name, set the Type to be “Linux” and the Version to be “Red Had (64-bit)”.

Then change the Hard Disk options to select “Use an existing virtual hard disk file"

Now click the folder icon next to where it says “Empty” in the Hard Disk section to bring up finder window.
We want to select the NUISANCEMC.vdi previously downloaded.

You should now see the NUISANCEMC virtual disk image included in our hard disk section. 100.00 GB tells us the disk image is allowed to expand upto 100.00 GB if necessary. Its starting size will be ~5GB.

With everything setup, now click “Create” which should return you to the starting VirtualBox screen, but now you should see a new virtual box listed.

4. Turn on the Virtual Box
To power on the Virtual box double click the guest machine in the list on the left of labelled "NUISANCEMC". This should change its status to “Running"

And open a new virtualisation window which acts as the Monitor for the Guest OS. If we leave the machine to boot, we should eventually end up at the login screen below:

The login password for this user is “neutrino”. Once logged in you should see the following GNOME desktop which can be used just like a normal CentOS machine.

Clicking on the screen captures the mouse inputs and uses them inside the GuestOS. If for any reason you need to release your mouse/keyboard from the GuestOS and return control of your normal operating system, on a Mac you must press the left “cmd” key, on Linux and Windows you press the left “ctrl” key.

We can open a bash terminal by clicking Applications->Terminal.

The NUISANCEMC folder contains everything you need to run the standard NUISANCE tutorial and make comparisons with both GENIE-2.12.6 and NuWro-v11-RW.

When you log in the virtual images "~/.bashrc” script automatically loads the NUISANCE+generators environmental variables, so NUISANCE should already be ready to run.

NUISANCE Tutorial Events

For the purposes of the NUISANCE tutorial, you will need the necessary event files.

These are located in ~/NUISANCEMC/tutorial_events/

Extract the tarball with the following commands
tar -zxvf tutorial_events.tar.gz\?dl\=0
cd tutorial_events

Contained in the folder are the event files generated with our custom “gevgen_nuisance” and “nuwro_nuisance” applications. Scripts used to generate these event files are also provided for reference.