nuisance is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham

NUISANCE CernVM File System

This is a common way to access a prebuilt NUISANCE instance on HEP machines. The Fermilab gpvm’s all have access to this build. The NUISANCE release is located in the MINERvA CVMFS area. Don’t worry if you can’t usually see this area when looking in CVMFS on your machine, it just isn’t mounted yet, and “ls”-ing the full path will mount it for you.

The CVMFS build has access to GENIE 2.12.6 and NuWro-v11q-RW a custom NuWro version made by the NUISANCE authors that supports event reweighting. It is also locked to a specific NUISANCE version prepared for the workshop.

Hence you will not be using the most updated NUISANCE, GENIE, NuWro versions!

Running the following commands should setup the NUISANCE build and all its dependencies.

export NUISCVMFS=/cvmfs/ ls $NUISCVMFS source $NUISCVMFS/external/ source $NUISCVMFS/nuisance/v2r6/builds/genie2126-nuwrov11qrw/Linux/ source $GENIE/ source $NUWRO/build/Linux/ nuiscomp -h

The setup script is available here and can be used to easily set up NUISANCE whenever required